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SmarTidas®—intelligent operation control system with train dispatching as the core

Traffic Integrated Dispatcher Automatic System (TIDAS) is a highly integrated intelligent operation control system. With train dispatching as the core, it integrates subsystems of related specialties such as ATS, PSCADA, BAS, FAS, PIS, PA and CCTV and connects to intelligent operation and maintenance subsystem (IOM).

TIDAS uses big data, cloud computing and intelligent analysis technology to realize integrated control and maintenance of rail transit operation through all-round monitoring of traffic operation and dispatching and unified supervision and management of rolling stock, electricity and machine systems.

The structure diagram of TIDAS

System Functions and Features

  • Intelligent train dispatching and operation monitoring

    It reduces the labor intensity and working pressure of dispatchers and improves operational emergency treatment capability, especially suitable for driverless lines

  • Automatic linkage across specialties

    It completely covers the remote management scenes of fully automatic driving train, and scenarios can be extended and defined according to new demands

  • More degraded modes

    More degraded modes are designed to provide multiple guarantees for train dispatching and command, with consideration of the availability and reliability requirements of core operation functions

  • High safety

    The design concept of signal “fail-safe” is adopted to achieve Safety integrity Level 2 and Information Security Protection Level 3

  • Signal and monitoring integration platform of integrated design

    The data processing capacity is up to a million data points

  • Integrated maintenance, linked with operation

    The integrated intelligent operation and maintenance subsystem (IOM) has the functions of online monitoring, intelligent fault diagnosis, warning analysis and emergency treatment of the whole system equipment to realize integrated maintenance, linked with operation

System Advantages

  • Integrated operation and control with train dispatching as the core, improving operation efficiency
  • Automatic linkage adaptable to unmanned driving, improving the operational emergency treatment capability
  • Higher safety and reliability, with the signal design concept
  • Intelligent operation and integrated maintenance to achieve efficient linkage between operation and maintenance

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Let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.

Let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.



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