CTCS2-200K - Secure, integrated and reliable "2oo3" onboard system

CTCS2-200K onboard system is developed by CASCO with "2oo3" redundant safety platform and fail-safe design, according to the "Tentative Technical Specification of CTCS-2 Level Train Control Onboard Equipment " and " Tentative Specification of CTCS-2&3 Level Train Control Onboard Equipment Driver-Machine Interface (DMI) Display " of China National Railway Group.

CTCS2-200K system has passed SIL4 safety certification by an international authoritative third party certification institution and obtained CRCC certificate.

System Advantages

  • Safety

    Comprehensive use of "2oo3" technology to achieve nanosecond clock synchronization and mutual monitoring and failure channel isolation between channels, as well as 2 out of 3 voting for input and output signals respectively, to ensure high system security and availability.

  • Reliability

    Apply multi-redundant structure with redundant key components.

    The emergency brake output board is highly reliable with double break output and "2oo3" hardware technology.

  • Maintainability

    The diagnostic and maintenance function of application software is designed based on EVC "minimum replaceable unit" principle, and the real-time status of the main control unit and each external device can be viewed through graphical interfaces.

    Main control unit failure can be located to the board level and channel level, and input and output failure can be located to the code level.

    One-stop online inspection of EVC boards, antennas, speed sensors, network bus, radios and relays can be realized with Tester - the dedicated maintenance equipment, facilitating daily operation and maintenance.

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Let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.

Let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.



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