CSM-KA—safe and reliable centralized signaling monitoring system with independent R&D

Developed independently by CASCO, CSM-KA centralized signaling monitoring system is a vital equipment to ensure train operation safety and enhance signaling equipment management and monitoring, and also an essential method to repair as per the signal status. It can meet the demand of construction and renovation of station yard for various kinds of railways and urban rail transit.

CSM-KA system has passed the site test of software and special test of hardware organized by Quality Test Center of former Ministry of Railways and became the first to get administrative licensing in January 2013. With complete qualifications, mature and reliable technology, CSM-KA has been successfully applied to PDL, normal-speed railway, urban rail transit, coal mine and harbor.

System Advantages

  • Advancement

    Advanced computer software and hardware technology and modular software programming framework
    Advanced network communication and database technologies
    Advanced graphic quasi-physical display technology and intelligent diagnosis technology

  • Intelligence

    Notice the hidden trouble of equipment in advance and give warning, thus reminding the watchkeeper to locate and solve the trouble in time.
    Pinpoint the equipment failure and give alarm, and guide the maintenance man to deal with it, thus reducing the fault delay.
    Graphic quasi-physical display of the signaling equipment status helps the maintenance man to locate the abnormal equipment quickly.
    Automatic production of maintenance proposal for signaling equipment, with the informatization process promoting the warning and dealing process

  • Safety

    Sound quarantine keeps it from affecting the proper operation of monitored equipment.
    Safety coding and redundancy technology ensures the integrity of collected data.

  • Reliability

    Dual-redundant or hot-standby key equipment
    Highly reliable hardware
    The data acquisition accuracy can keep for a year after the adjustment

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Let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.

Let us make tailored rail transit system solutions for you according to your needs.



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