CASCO Helps North Railway Station of Kunming Metro Upgrade to "Intelligent Station"

07 Jun 2024

On May 1, the North Railway Station on Kunming Metro Line 2 was renewed and upgraded with the "Intelligent Station" project constructed by CASCO. Through in-depth investigation of the station's operational needs, CASCO built an intelligent station service platform with technologies such as AI, big data, and the Internet of Things, completing the application of six systems and the construction of an unmanned customer service center, helping Kunming Metro's intelligent construction reach a new level.

Intelligent Travel

Passenger Service Experience Upgraded Again

On January 2, the "Intelligent Station" was piloted at the North Railway Station, and CASCO took the lead in launching three major systems: intelligent customer service, remote agents, and intelligent travel guidance, which can guide passengers to self-serve in ticketing, information inquiry, etc.

On this basis, CASCO further enriched the function of intelligent travel guidance system. Passengers can directly plan their travel routes on the intelligent customer service terminal, quickly access lost and found information, and learn real-time weather as well as information about restaurants, entertainment around the station. These diversified and refined convenient services not only bring a brand-new travel experience, but also integrate the achievements of intelligent metro into daily life, enhancing the residents' sense of well-being.

Intelligent Management

Station Management Reaches New Level

In terms of station operation, CASCO has newly launched three intelligent systems, providing strong technical support for the innovation of station management models. The 3D dynamic management system for station operation and the warning system of abnormal events by intelligent video analysis can perceive passenger flow distribution, equipment status, and abnormal passenger behaviors within the station. The system will predict the inbound/outbound passenger flow at each time period of the day based on big data statistics. When the system identifies special situations such as equipment failures, passenger falls, or items left behind, it will issue warnings immediately to allow staff to quickly discover and address potential issues.

The AR panoramic station inspection system combines AR technology with a digital and intelligent management and control platform. By presetting inspection modes and paths, it captures high-definition images and video information of the station in real-time, assisting staff in completing station inspection tasks and automatically generating inspection reports, effectively reducing work intensity and promoting the goal of staff reduction and efficiency enhancement.

The application of these digital and intelligent technologies is akin to adding supernatural powers of "telescopic vision" and "enhanced hearing" to station staff, enabling a comprehensive grasp of operational information and thereby improving operational safety and management efficiency.

The intelligent station project of Kunming Metro is the latest practice of CASCO's fully automatic operation system 2.0, marking another significant achievement of CASCO in the field of intelligent urban rail transit. In the future, CASCO will continue to deepen the research and application of digital and intelligent technologies, providing new momentum for the transformation and upgrading of urban rail transit.



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