The Only One in China Railway! CASCO's iLOCK-IIE Full-electronic Computer Interlocking System Passes CURC and CRCC Certifications

17 May 2024

After obtaining the first CURC certificate in the urban rail industry in January 2024, on May 10, CASCO's iLOCK-IIE full-electronic station computer interlocking equipment successfully passed the CRCC certification for full-electronic station computer interlocking equipment for local railways and obtained the Railway Product Certification Certificate issued by China Railway Product Certification Center (CRCC). This move marks that CASCO has become the only enterprise in the entire railway that has obtained CURC and CRCC certifications for full-electronic computer interlocking, demonstrating the company's strong technical strength and industry-leading position in the field of new-generation computer interlocking signals.

The iLOCK-IIE full-electronic station computer interlocking equipment is the main product model of CASCO's iLOCK-II series computer interlocking system. It is a new generation of intelligent and safe "2×2oo2" computer interlocking product developed by CASCO based on the independently innovative CVC-200T trackside safety platform and OC-KA target controller with complete intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, the series also includes the iLOCK-II supporting pure relay interfaces and the iLOCK-IIT that can be deployed next to outdoor tracks, fully meeting the application needs of users in different scenarios.

Since its first use at the Saiyinwenduri Station in 2019, the iLOCK-IIE full-electronic station computer interlocking equipment has been applied with quality to over 20 local railway stations and over 20 metro stations in China, as well as Padma Bridge Rail Link in Bangladesh. Its advantages of high reliability, high availability, easy maintenance, and scalability have helped users achieve convenient management, simplify cumbersome depot operation procedures, and effectively improve overall operational efficiency.

As the core control equipment for railway operation, interlocking is a crucial product to ensure the safety of train operations and shunting operations. CASCO's iLOCK-IIE full-electronic computer interlocking system passing the two authoritative certifications of CURC and CRCC represents the industry's recognition of CASCO's research and development capabilities of signal safety product. Driven by innovation, CASCO will continue to strive to provide users with more efficient and intelligent products, accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements through strict product certification and management processes, and promote the high-quality development of China's rail transit industry.



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