Winning three bids in a row! CASCO continues to be the front-runner of the industry

10 Jan 2020

Recently, CASCO’s urban rail market has welcomed multiple exciting news as it has won the bids for providing state-of-the-art CBTC signaling system for metro lines in three cities, namely Luoyang Line 2, Suzhou Line S1and Shenzhen Line 16. So far the number of CASCO’s CBTC lines has reached 71, making it an unchallenged front-runner of the industry.

Among the three new lines, Suzhou Line S1 and Shenzhen Line 16 are all fully automatic operating lines with the highest level of automation (GoA4). Till now, CASCO has participated in the construction of 12 such lines, which demonstrates CASCO’s outstanding advantage and capacity in fully automatic operating field.

Suzhou Line S1 is 41.25 kilometers in length with 28 stations. It starts at Suzhou Industrial Park, running through Suzhou Industrial Park, the core area of Kunshan downtown, Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Huaqiao International Service Business Park, and stops at Kunshan Huaqiao Station. This line allows passengers to transfer to Line 3 and is connected with Shanghai Line 11. It is not only the first municipal line in Suzhou, but also the first line to connect Shanghai metro network. It will become an important link connecting Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai, which will further guide the optimization of urban spatial layout and promote the coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. Previously, CASCO has successfully delivered two CBTC lines, Suzhou Line 3 and Line 4, and Line S1 is expected to become another masterpiece of CASCO in this famous Soochow city.

The winning bid of Shenzhen Line 16 is also a sign of market recognition CASCO earned with strong strength. It is the seventh metro line that CASCO participates in Shenzhen. Prior to this, CASCO built several industry benchmarks for Shenzhen urban rail, including Shenzhen Line 11, the fastest marshalling metro line in China and Shenzhen Longhua Tram, the first tram project with weak current system deeply integrated in China. The awarded Shenzhen line 16 is another line of great value. The total length of the line is about 29.2 kilometers with 24 stations, 9 of which are transfer stations for passengers to transfer to Line 3, Line 14, Pingshan skyrail, etc. In terms of route planning, Line 16 starts from Dayun New City Hub in the west, and reaches the border between Shenzhen and Huizhou in the east, connecting Universiade Center in Longgang, Shuanglong, and Pingshan Station. In the future, Line 16 will extend south to Anliang Station, providing a powerful push for the key development of the Apollo Industrial Park area, and strengthening the linkage between Longgang central area with Henggang and Yantian area.

It is worth mentioning that, in these two lines, CASCO will also assume the responsibility of the coordination for the entire project as a signaling system provider. By managing and integrating signaling with vehicle, monitoring, communication and other electromechanical systems in a systematic way, it shatters the previous separated state between all disciplines and creates a mode that better suits automatic operating construction and operation. This will also become the mainstream trend for the subsequent construction of fully automatic operating projects.

The winning of Luoyang Line 2 lights up a new "signal light" in the map of CASCO’s rail transit, making Luoyang a new city with CASCO’s CBTC projects. It is also CASCO’s sixth urban rail line in Henan, following Zhengzhou Line 2, Line 4, Line 5, Line 14, and the suburban railway. Phase I of Luoyang Line 2 starts at Jingsan Road Station near the National Peony Garden and ends at Longmen Avenue Station. The line is about 18.22 kilometers long with 15 stations. It runs through the north-south development axis of Luoyang, covering the main passenger corridors in the north and southeast of the city, connecting the two major transportation hubs of Luoyang Railway Station and Luoyang Longmen High-speed Railway Station. The National Peony Garden, China National Flower Garden, Municipal Sports Center, the Museum, Sui-Tang Site Botanical Garden and other transportation hubs will also be connected by the line. Once completed, Line 2 will effectively relieve the transportation pressure to go across railways and Luohe River, thus supporting the city’s urban development.

Counting the three newly awarded lines, 71 lines in 25 cities countrywide are equipped with CASCO’s CBTC signaling system, which puts its market share at an undefeated, constant No.1 in the industry. In this way, CASCO has once again proved itself as the unchallenged leader in the field of rail transit signaling system, and also sounded the horn of progress to carry on its mission in the upcoming year and do its part in building a country with strong transportation network.

In the year 2020, CASCO will follow the guidance of the Outline of Building China into a Country with Strong Transportation Network closely, continue to innovate and accumulate experiences along the way to support rail transit construction in more cities with safe, advanced technological solutions and full life circle services. As always, CASCO is devoted to safeguarding public transportation in an all-round way and providing reassuring experience for clients and the public.



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