CASCO Won the Bid for the Regional Railway Project from Zhengzhou Airport to Xuchang (Zhengzhou Section)

08 Jun 2020

CASCO recently won the bid for the regional railway project from Zhengzhou Airport to Xuchang (Zhengzhou Section). This is the 6th urban rail transit project of CASCO in Zhengzhou, following Zhengzhou Subway Line 2, Line 4, Line 5, Line 14 and Zhengzhou Suburban Railway. It is also the first fully automatic operation line in the city.

As a leading enterprise in rail transit control systems, CASCO boasts the largest share of urban rail CBTC market in China, and ranks first in the industry by having participated in the construction of 73 CBTC lines, covering over 1,700 kilometers in service in 25 cities. In addition, CASCO has rich project experience in the fully automatic operation field. This project in Zhengzhou would become the 12th fully automatic operation line undertaken by CASCO in Chinese mainland after those in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen and other cities.

The regional railway starts from the Airport North Station in the north and ends at Zhengzhou municipal boundary in the south. It runs along Huaxia Avenue (formerly Sigang Linkage Avenue), Yingbin Avenue, Zhengzhou Airport and Yongzhou Road (formerly Hangxing Road), consisting of 15 stations and one metro depot, including 5 interchange stations, with a total length of 33.43 kilometers.

When completed, the railway will connect Zhengzhou Airport District, Changge City and Xuchang downtown. As an important transport support for the integrated development of Zhengzhou and Xuchang and enhanced radiation of central city, it will guide the urban development of the district and achieve convenient transport between Changge City, Shuanghe Lake District, Garden Expo Park District and Zhengzhou downtown, so as to effectively promote the industrial development and population aggregation along the railway.



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