Tribute to Science and Technology Workers for Drawing the Blueprint of Future Transportation

30 May 2024

May 30th is the National Day of Science and Technology Workers. Let’s pay tribute to all the science and technology workers on the forefront of innovation today.

As Mr. Lu Xun said, "There was no path in the world, but as more and more people walked on it, it became a path." Science and technology workers are such a group of brave explorers.

Over the past three decades, generations of CASCO’s science and technology workers have devoted themselves to the rail transit industry, overcoming difficulties and challenges, carrying forward the spirit of scientists, striving for sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening at higher levels, and promoting the accelerated realization of the dream of a powerful transportation country with unremitting efforts and firm beliefs.

Nowadays, we remain true to our original aspiration and continue to explore with enthusiasm. From the ground to the low-altitude domain, from rail transit to new energy, CASCO will actively explore new tracks, define future transportation with technical innovation, and safeguard every trip with reassuring services.



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