CASCO Delivers Three GoA4 Fully Automatic Operation Metro Lines in Only One Month

26 Dec 2020

Following Chengdu Metro Line 9 Phase I, two new GoA4 fully automatic operation lines—Shanghai Metro Line 10 Phase II and the southern section of Shanghai Metro Line 18 Phase I were both put into trial operations this morning. CASCO created a record of consecutive delivery of three fully automatic operation lines in one month, which were launched at the highest automation grade GoA4 at one time, showing CASCO's excellent project delivery capability and dominance in the field of fully automatic operation.

GoA4 unattended train operation is the world's highest automatic operation mode currently, which can realize no human intervention and unattended operation in the whole process of train operation. Therefore, it is also called “unmanned driving” in a real sense. As a pioneer in the field of fully automatic operation metro in China, CASCO realized GoA4 function in the signaling system of Shanghai Metro Line 10 Phase I as early as 2014.

In the past six years, Line 10 Phase I significantly outperformed other metro lines in the same city in terms of metrics including the punctuality rate, operation plan fulfillment rate, and reliability. Based on the "Model Line" influence of Shanghai Metro Line 10 Phase I, the GoA4 automatic operation systems on the three lines has further upgraded and optimized the system functions, with higher reliability and more complete scenarios. For example, both Chengdu Metro Line 9 and Shanghai Metro Line 18 have adopted open cab operation mode, which allow passengers to directly enter the areas at both ends of the train and enjoy the scenery outside.

Shanghai Metro Line 18

The "Transfer King" of Future Shanghai Metro

Shanghai Metro Line 18 runs through Baoshan, Yangpu and Pudong Districts, and can be interchanged with 13 metro lines according to the plan, which will become a well-deserved "Transfer King" of Shanghai Metro system. At present, Line 18 opened the south section of the first phase and was equipped with CASCO automatic operation system. It not only features basic functions of unattended operation, but also applies SIL4 platform door controller with the highest safety level for the first time, which has further improved the safety and reliability of the interface between signaling system and platform door system, and shortened the system response time.

Shanghai Metro Line 18 locomotive is designed as open space

Shanghai Metro Line 10

The longest running GoA4 metro line in China

Based on the unattended operation experience since the first phase was completed in 2014, a series of functions were optimized or added to the fully automatic operation system of Shanghai Metro Line 10, without affecting normal operation of Line 10 or changing the habits of the metro operators. Among them, it is worth mentioning that the intelligent depot system is optimized, and sleeping areas are created along the main line. When an outbreak of large passenger flow occurs, the system can automatically dispatch trains from any parking line into the main line operation, without having to allocate trains from the depot, thus improving the response efficiency. New features of intelligent train dispatching and shift dispatching can be used intelligently and flexibly according to the transportation capacity demand. The dispatching plan can be automatically and dynamically adjusted to fit the changes in number of passengers or trains, which greatly improves the flexibility of train dispatching and shift arrangement, resulting in accurate delivery of transportation capacity.

These new features incorporated full considerations of the compatibility of the system, and went through strict overall design checks and rigorous indoor tests before official operation, thus ensuring the seamless transition and upgrade of the system, and the successful opening of Phase One and Phase Two. Since then, Shanghai Metro Line 10 has become the longest GoA4 unattended train operation line in China.

Chengdu Metro Line 9

The first China mainland metro line operated at GoA4 grade since its inception

The first phase of Chengdu Metro Line 9 was the first fully automatic operation metro line in Midwestern China and the first metro line in the Chinese mainland that went into operation with the highest automation grade at one time. CASCO also tailor-made three auxiliary platforms for it: smart depot, vehicle expert workstation, and intelligent training platform for fully automatic operation, so as to implement full range of intelligent control and provide real job training on multi-dimensions.

In addition, this fully automatic operation system has unveiled more features, such as evacuation automatic protection—when passengers request evacuation, the system provides automatic protection to ensure the evacuation safety of the passenger, automatic speed limit – the train can automatically return to FAM mode for normal operation in the scenario of system degradation. In addition, CASCO also served as the consistency coordinator of Chengdu Metro Line 9, taking the lead in coordinating the fully automatic core system as the "Chief Steward", which was the first case in the industry.

With the opening of Chengdu Metro Line 9, Shanghai Metro Line 10 Phase II and the southern section of Shanghai Line 18 Phase I, CASCO also set a new record of delivering multiple GoA4 unattended train operation lines at the same time. Up to date, three of the four GoA4 metro lines operating in the Chinese mainland are powered by CASCO technology, leading the competition of fully automatic operation.

2020 is a very special year for the rail transit industry. Guided by the new infrastructure initiative, intelligent rail transit construction will witness an outburst of innovation, development and industrial breakthroughs empowered by new technologies.

In 2021, the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, a new round of reforms in rail transit construction are expected to arrive earlier. At this historic turning point, CASCO has delivered three unattended train operation lines of the highest automation grade in a row, which on the one hand represents the competitiveness of China's smart rail transit construction, and on the other hand demonstrates the confidence and determination of CASCO to embrace competitions in the new era, and lead the technological upgrade and advances of the industry. In the future, CASCO will continue cultivating the signaling system market, based on its technological innovation and industry experience, and devote itself to serving citizens and industries with more intelligent travel solutions, and work with partners to create smarter eco-friendly travel experience.

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